Thursday, 7 March 2013

Full cap continues

I have been moving ahead quite well with the full cap ventilation.  I'm trying to pay particular attention to the direction of the hair growth, as well as keeping the density in the 65% zone.  Most wigs I see seem much too dense and 'wiggy'.  I mentioned in the previous post the the hair I am using is being cut off an old lace front (human hair) wig.  Even with all this hair removed, it's hard to tell there's any missing!  I'm sure there will be enough hair for two or even three wigs from that one store-bought wig!

Speaking of the hair, I'm happy to report that boiling the wig only temporarily frizzed the hair.  After wetting it and allowing it to dry naturally, the hair has returned to its previous (albeit wavy) condition.

Incidentally, at this stage, I'm not too concerned about making the knots small and invisible.  As this is just an experimental piece, I plan on leaving the hair quite long so the knots in the back will never be seen.  Once I get to the crown and front, I will begin ventilating with single hairs for a more natural look.

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