Friday, 7 February 2014

Small lace frontal

Here's another quick update.  Not sure why I didn't post this at the time, but here's a small lace frontal piece I made using the Hugo Royer 40 denier Standard Stage Lace.  Although this is the least delicate lace they offer, it still disappears amazingly well on the skin.  I can't remember how this is attached, but I would either have used Ghost Bond XL or got2b glued Spiking Gel.

It is ventilated using custom-dyed Brazilian remy hair that I bought on eBay, and heat resistant synthetic hair for the grey.

The advantage of using synthetic hair for the grey is that you can dye the piece if necessary, and because synthetic hair doesn't accept any colour, the white hair stays white.


  1. knotting at hairline is undetectable; did you bleach knots, or is just a result of single strand single tight knotting?

  2. The knots were fairly good to begin with (single strand, single knots), but I bleached them as well. I buy a light blonde hair and dye it myself to the darker colour. The hair dye is much easier to bleach than the fabric dye the factories use to colour the hair, so the knots seem to lighten really well. I use a 40 developer for 10-15 minutes and the knots always look great.

  3. The 40 denier looks very good considering it is not HD like a 20 or 15 denier. You still cannot see the lace and don't have the stress of having to slowly work on the very fine delicate lace. I've tried that technique for invisible knots: buying lighter hair and dyeing it but it had an off look to it, I guess I had too much demarcation between the light and dark on the hair. All this needs is a 'cut in' to blend in the sides and it is PERFECTO!

  4. Yes, that #2106 lace is MUCH easier to work on than the finer ones! And it does disappear well, although not as well as the 2105 or the finer fronting lace. But a great compromise between sturdiness and invisibility!

    Re. dyeing the hair, I dye it before venting it, the still bleach the knots as usual. I just find that the colour lifts much better than when I try to bleach the factory colours.

    Thanks again for your comments! Do you have a website/blog? I always love seeing what others are doing!

  5. I enjoy ventilating, but No, I don't have a blog, they can be quite time consuming (which is why I really appreciate yours and have to say when you don't do postings/updates for a while I'm sad, lol). I look forward to coming here to see what techniques/projects you are working on. I used to follow another blogger, excellent wigmaker, mostly theater wigs, but he gave up wigmaking to pursue other interests so the blog ceased.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I will try to keep it updated more often! :)