Saturday, 9 February 2013

New Hairline

I still haven't started the new hairpiece, but I have been continuing my experiments using small test patches.  I think I have settled on a good density for me, and I have finally got the colour pretty close to my real hair colour.

The most recent test (below) was to create a more natural, graduated hairline.  I'm really happy with the result!  The pics show a patch about 1 x 2 inches, attached low on my forehead, below my natural hairline (so that I had clear skin to bond to.)

I have attached here with Walker Safe Grip.  My attachment skills aren't great yet – you can still see a few areas of lace that haven't disappeared too well – but overall it's not too bad.  I am still having issues with shine from the glue.  It's not too noticeable here, but under strong lights it's very obvious.  The experiments continue...

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