Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Vintage roller set

I have been trying for ages to find time to learn how to set and style the wigs I make.  I have several sitting on a shelf that are finished as far as the knotting goes, but I haven't known how to style them.

I finally watched a few YouTube videos on roller setting hair, and I tried it for the first time today on the light blonde Marilyn wig that I made ages ago.

The results are far from perfect, but not too bad for my first attempt...


  1. I love visual arts, thanks for taking the time to make a knotting diagram!

  2. and this blonde is lovely also, human or synthetic? the density is on point!

    1. This is high heat synthetic. Thanks about the density, it looks great in the photos, but it's not really enough to hide the wefted back, unfortunately. I have to say I really don't like making lace-front wigs for that reason, I much prefer the look of a fully knotted wig.