Thursday, 5 March 2015

Adding lift

I have been quite happy with the results of knotting the crown area in some of my wigs.  However I had noticed that the hair at the back tended to lie quite flat against the scalp as it radiated out from the centre of the crown.

I asked Sam Cox, a wigmaker in the UK, if he knew how to solve this problem, and he suggested trying 'reverse two-way' knotting the crown to add some lift to the hair.

Essentially, this involves knotting the hair in the opposite direction of how you ultimately want it to lie.  In addition to this, though, the hair is knotted in two slightly opposing directions, so that none of it falls flat against the scalp when brushed into its final 'resting' direction.

As you can see in this photo, this technique gives the hair a beautiful, natural appearance.  I will definitely be using this method from now in any any area that requires some extra lift!

Reverse, two-way knotted crown.

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