Saturday, 25 October 2014

Re-fronting another commercial wig

I swore I would never do this again, but for some reason I decided to have another go at re-fronting a commercial wig.  I found this one on eBay.  It was made from heat-resistant fibre that looked quite nice, and was very inexpensive so I bough two of them.  I will use one for the back section (see the photo) and I will cut the hair off the other one to ventilate the top and front.

In the photo you can see that I have cut out the entire top and am in the process of attaching lace.  The wig had a very unnatural-looking crown, right on top of the head (rather than where the crown should be) so I decided to get rid of the whole thing.

I might use the wefts that I removed from the top to add a bit of volume to the back.  It is a nice natural density now, but the wefts seem quite visible.  I will see what it looks like once the new top has been ventilated, and decide then if I need to add any wefts to the back.

This should hopefully be a quick project.  I have several others on the go, but I prefer having options as I tend to get bored easily.  Stay tuned...


  1. French lace? I would think Swiss lace would be too fragile to attach the commercial wig to.

  2. Well... 'French' lace, i.e. Asian lace from Amazing Hair Store... but yes, it's a heavier lace. I have done this with finer lace too and it worked, but the results are never that great in my opinion with the re-fronted wigs, so I'd rather not waste the good lace on a project like this. :P