Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hair Direction

Progress is slow.  Between work, apartment hunting, and doing my taxes, there hasn't been much time for ventilation.  I have made some headway, though, and I think it's going well.

I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to figure out the growth patterns of the hair.  I am trying to study my own hair growth and translate that into the ventilation, but it's not as easy as it would seem.  I think the main problem is that real hair can grow in any direction.  On lace, we only have six possible directions, and figuring out how to make the hair flow seamlessly from one direction to another can be a bit of a challenge.

I'm honestly not sure how important it is with this particular wig to get the hair flow correct.  I plan to leave the hair long, so most of the direction will be hidden.  I think it's only really critical when you're making a wig that will be cut short.  However, since I'm learning with everything I do, I want to try to make this one as realistic as possible.

I much prefer the look of the hair now that I'm venting single hairs.  At this point I'm still tying double knots, however.  It won't be until I get to the crown and the front of the wig that I will start to use single knots as well as single hairs.

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